sábado, 22 de março de 2008

Unity Law

I am Arabian, Muslim
my moonlight is in Allah’s sky
my sun is the Arabian nation.
I am Mujahedim in the divine love path.
My jihad is tolerance, and servitude flag
in the immenseness of the Beduin legend
flying as an eternal bird
above the ocean of the world’s soul.
I am Arabian, I raised my verse tent
in the capitalism desert, waiting for the angels
to come to teach us the path to paradise.
This soul state
that can be lived in any dimension.
I am Arabian, I am Muslim Salam …
may the peace be in your eyes
and may your eyes look at the planet’s people
not as Arabians, Russians or Germans
but as brothers in the name of unity
and fraternity in nation’s embrace
in a unique peace song.

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